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Hangover cure #3: antacid abuse
Out of the stink and into the pink


As promised, we’re rolling out reader-submitted hangover cures all week, in anticipation of the Holiday Drink Guide appearing this Thursday in print. Today, Matthew Pearn heads for the medicine cabinet, repurposing a classic fix for an upset tummy (or “stomachache,” if you’re not six).

“The best hangover cure is hands down Pepto Bismol” Matthew writes. “Largely regarded as a cure for the upset stomach, this bismuth subsalicylate pink mixture manages to quell the nausea, get rid of the spins and preps your angry gut for an influx of water and bacon sandwiches.”

As for portion size, Matthew—who is probably not a doctor—advises that it’s “Best to leave the cap alone and chug straight from the bottle.”

Got a better solution? E-mail us at with the subject line “HANGOVER CURE,” your name, and where you live in Toronto and we may publish your response, and you may win a prize. 

• Nov 14, 2012 at 12:00 AM
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